Tuesday, March 24, 2009


That's me in the middle front. Our Sophie right in back of me, Tina to the left and Dale to the right. Friends.
We had the best 'play-date' ever!! Four women of all ages who care about and respect, appreciate and so enjoy each other. So why do we "work" so well.

We like each other and we can laugh at each other's quirks. - That wonderfully silly stuff that makes us each so unique. We believe in one another - honor if you will, each other's truths and life's journey.

Dale, our Aussie is full of fire and determination, strength and deep passion - her laughter abounds and her purpose is fierce and unyielding. She stands up for what is right and 'just' at all cost. Dale is the strongest of us all.

Tina - our beautiful Italian - so giving and true. Her family values surround and fill us. Her "just because" offerings of food and unique gifts always celebrate each of us. She is 'every where' all at once and fills a room with her colorful presence and staggering generosity. Tina is the most giving of us all.

Our Sophie - the youngest of our circle and yet in many ways, the wisest. - a beautiful blend of Italian and Puerto Rican heritage that is breath taking to behold.. She is intelligence,with endless energy and wit, playful and sensitive. Her tender years are seasoned and purposeful. She loves deeply. Sophie is the most loyal of us all.

And me? Of Italian and Austrian descent. I see myself as the 'middle ground'. A balance of sorts. Perhaps because I am the oldest (grrrr), :-). I am the peace maker, the planner and the listener. I am the collector of all of us - holding each safely and lovingly within me. I am the kindest of us all.

1 - strong

2 - giving

3 - loyal

4 - kind

and there it is. Friendship.

Love Gail


PENolan said...

What makes you say that you are the kindest? I wouldn't be surprised, but I'm just curious.

Gail said...

Hi P E

Good question. Of the four of us I am the 'peace-maker'. We are ALL actually ALL of the four components, of strength, giving, loyalty and kindness. I seem to maintain the "kindness matters" approach the most.
We share some 'common people' that challenge the ability to be consistently kind. Within our circle we are all equal.

Hope this answers your question.

Love, Gail

Kartz said...

You'd be knowing my take on friendship by now... :)

It sure was nice reading abt u and ur friends, ma'am... I didn't know you have Italian roots!

Peace. Have a nice day.

Sorry, I haven't been a regular at blogging the past fortnight. Been caught up with a lot of things... Finding myself, to be honest.

Trust things are fine at ur end. Tc.


Comrade Kevin said...

You're very lucky to have that strong social network, ya know? :)

Gail said...

Hi Kevin

Ya, I do, I do indeed.. thanks kevin. :-)


Gail said...

Hi Kartz--
Very strong Italian roots - :-)

My Mom's is 100% Italian - from the province of Avalon, and the town of Sereno - Northern Italy.