Saturday, August 16, 2008

"Over The Fence"

I am sure you are wondering what the title means.

"Over The Fence" poses the question as to who in your world is an "Over The Fence Person and who isn't, and are you an "Over The Fence Person Yourself?" Serious questions to consider.

Let me take you back. When I was five, yes five, a few decades ago (or s0), I would wait to go in to my kindergarten class with my class mates in a small fenced in area outside the door. The fence was pretty high given we were all five. I could probably rest my chin on the top, maybe.

I would often wonder how I would get over the fence if say a big thing fell out of the sky or maybe a bad storm just came right to where we were all waiting or maybe a big monster would happen by and jump in. I just knew that I had to be sure I could get out and over that fence if I had to.

I was chubby. So jumping or climbing over on my own probably wouldn't be something I could do. At five years old this was a huge dilemma. As a side note; besides chubby I was quite adorable. I had long dark wavy hair to my waist, the brightest blue eyes and rosy cheeks. I just thought you all should know that.

I began to look around at my classmates, all five years old just like me and I was sizing them up to figure out who amongst them I could count on to help me "Over The Fence" in the event I needed to get over. Even at five it wasn't that hard to figure out. The kids who smiled a lot, and the one's who shared their snack, the one's who didn't call me names or make fun of one kid who had a weird eye that rolled around, the one's who spoke softly and didn't stick their tongues out. Get the idea?

I felt so much safer knowing who I could count on if I needed to get over that fence in a hurry. I knew who would reach back and help me over to safety and never leave me behind to face the danger alone. I was no longer scared inside that fenced in area at five years old once I figured it out in my mind.

Since then, I put everyone that comes in to my life inside that fenced in kindergarten area with me. I have been doing this for decades and it has never been wrong. I figure out rather quickly if they would hop the fence and keep going or if they would reach back and help me "Over The Fence". If they would go on without me I don't allow that person too close to me. If I intuitively know they would help me "Over The Fence" then that person is someone I would allow in my life more closely. Thus the term "Over The Fence".

I challenge you to look at the people in your lives and put them in that fenced in area with you. If there were an event that dictated you getting out of that fenced in area would they go over the fence and leave you behind or would they reach back and help you to safety. You already know which people in your life would go on without you and which one's would never leave you behind. Get rid of the one's that would go on without you and hang on tightly to the one's that would never leave you behind and that are truly "Over The Fence" people. And by the way, which one are you?


Anonymous said...

Hi Gail~

I'd go over the fence first and find the gate for didn't have to tear your new slacks!
Speaking of gates...have you read about the 8 gates of wisdom in Angeles Arriens material from
'the second half of life'?
Transitions, thresholds, fences and gates carry significant symbol.

Peace & perseverance!

Gail said...

Hi anonymous,

Thanks for that wonderful image of the gate. and of you finding it for me.

And no I haven't heard of the 8 gates of wisdom. Thank you so much for the suggestiuon. I will check it out.

I am going to be writing a guided imagery soon. Hope you enjoy it.

peace and truth for us all

Ashley said...

i love you that you are my 'over the fence' person.


Ms. Gail

I was looking at your previous writings. I found this one interesting.'Over The Fence'

It's very difficult to have a real helping person in life. The people have learnt to be self-oriented. However those who love each other would certainly think about the other one.

By the way I liked this line most : I had long dark wavy hair to my waist.... Really beautiful.

Naval Langa

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