Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Introduction "What is an "it"

Hi and welcome............

I am Gail, from the east coast. I will keep this short. Your "It" is your truth(s). People go to great lengths to separate themselves from themselves, up to and including death. Wishing so desperately that something they did or that was done to them was not true. The challenge and purpose, I hope, of this forum is for people to find a place to stop running from themselves; TO STOP AND STAND IN THEIR OWN TRUTH, FINALLY, AND FACE "IT" WHATEVER "IT" IS......
And I don't mean we need to wallow in self pity and misery. Quite the opposite. If you stop trying to get rid of your "it" (s) you will find they are your greatest strength. I ran from my truth(s) for many years and at great personal cost. Huge job!!
Recently, unbeknown to the person who did it. I was challenged. I couldn't understand why I was so upset when this person was simply talking about their 'clean slate' and blemish -free foundation upon which they would move forward with their life.
My truth came surging forward and I defended my right to have the blemished and murky slate with such intensity and emotion. And to think, for years I denied "it's" existence and now I was fighting for my right to honor "it".
I think that if I remotely ever doubted the importance of knowing, honoring, loving and living your "it's it was cleared up with my reaction to thinking that I had to rid myself of "it" when in fact, "it" is my truth to embrace.
I work in the field of addiction services. 99% of every suffering addict and alcoholic have some "it" or "it's" that are at the root cause of developing their addiction. Some truth they wish were not so. Some harsh reality that drugs and alcohol could not eliminate. If only temporary. How 'bout you? Let me know.
Wishes of truth for us all


Gail said...

I can't believe I spelled "peace" incorrectly, oops. :-)


Gail said...
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Andy said...

Gail! Hi.

I'm afraid not only 'peace' but also 'honroing' by which, in American English you may mean honoring (in the original language it is, of course, honouring) :-). Sorry to point that out but I thought you should know.

Of course, I do typos all the time but you should be able to edit them and put them right, if you want to.

Anyway, after that helpful hint, on to the blog. I like the colour (or color to you). Green is good, as it is in my blog. Good to see you have started yours and I look forward to reading more. Intriguing. What are your 'its'? I mean, you have to tell us yours before we tell you ours, It's only fair.

I've noticed that, now I am of a certain age and I have become a grumpy old git (something I have been working towards all my life, it would seem) I can face all my 'its' without problem.

The only problem is other people. I don't (yet) look quite my age and people get confused and think my 'its' may be some character flaw rather than recognising that I am permitted to be like this.

Nothing that has been done to me or done by me has been less than my own making. All choices, good or bad, were mine. All interactions were, in some way, instigated or ended by me.

I am where I am because of the road that I (with a capital I) took.

It's not all been easy, nor has it all been fun but, hey, it's not been so bad. And although I remain a grumpy old git, I have joy. It's just that I don't let it show (no, that was a joke).

And now that I'm old I feel I have the right to throw out pearls of wisdom which people can (and probably will) ignore, as is their right.

So, I shall shortly email you with one of these pearls which you will, of course, ignore. And rightly so.

Until the next post!

Gail said...

Hi Andy,

thank you so much for your reply. and thanks for 'correcting' my spelling. ouch! weird how it makes me feel. like i was bad, or caught, found out. - weird, really weird.

I love how you take full responsibility for your choices. Most don't. But you are an exception to many beliefs, and all very good exceptions.

In regards to my 'It's" being written. Yes, of course. You are right that I should and I will. Read my private email to you for starters.

Pearls of wisdom? From you? Absolutely. And none of which I will ever ignore.

And what is a 'git'?

Gail et al

Anonymous said...

Hi Gail...

I'm learning that truth & freedom come from how I respond to the "it(s)" and not from what the "it(s)" have done to me.

Great blog~I like "it".

Gail said...

Dear anonymous,
thanks for your thoughts. And yes, how we respond to our "It's" is the real issue/resolve.
I guess one cannot even feel the gift of such a response until one has embraced the "it", the truth, the whatever it is they have been running from.

SO you are so right. Also, my introduction is suggesting that it is in standing in one's own truth that their responses are always real, honest, regardless.


peace and welcome

P.S. I am going to write about the journey from acceptance to surrender next.