Sunday, June 24, 2012


 Our first eggplant is growing so nicely.  It is a Japanese eggplant.
 Our zucchini plant is huge with many flowers and tiny zucchinis
 Our pepper plant is thriving as well - that is the first to appear
And our strawberry plant is flowery and full of strawberries.

I thought it good to write of the natural goodness of fresh grown fruits and vegetables as a theme.  We also have two tomato plants that are loaded with green tomatoes beginning to ripen.  I liken gardens or in this case potted fruits and vegetables but a garden all the same - to friendships/relationships which require time and attention and weeding and caring for and light and love, some times protection.  Left unattended, the garden and the friendship/relationship will die.

There are times the garden needs some extra help due to an attack or a force or plague and if we want it to thrive and be part of our life we must step up and 'do and 'be' and help it thrive. While toiling some may lose sight of the value and purpose and gifts this garden will bring because in its delicate state some think it requires more than they are able to give or so it seems -  and other gardens that are thriving seem more appealing, easier to be with - so folks leave the garden that needs some time and they go to where the gardens are more stable and offers what they think they need, totally forgetting the beauty and life and years the perhaps weakened garden provided - and will again with just a little love and time.  Oh the value of time.

 Some times the garden thrives on its own, -  but the best - is that a well attended garden gives back so much - the fruits of its vines are delicious and beautiful and life-giving. The ole "we reap what we sow applies in gardens and friendships.

Another twist on this whole garden analogy?  Sometimes the garden is doing just fine and really just requires the basic care to thrive and be life-giving - and people leave it to die anyway saying they like the look and feel of the other gardens better -  So sad......

But meanwhile, our garden is thriving - our love garden and our fruits and vegetables garden - and we get back way more than we give.  Guaranteed.  I feel kinda sorry for the people who think otherwise.  


Jackie said...

Your garden (love and vegetable) are beautiful, Gail.
I am so happy to see all the fruits of your labors.
I send you hugs and love,

Gail said...


thanks so much - so good to have you come by. hugs to you and yours
love Gail

Jane said...

You speak from a place of experience & wisdom Gail. Everything you've written is oh so true and worth pondering further. Thank you for sharing, Jane

"Madeleines Meanderings" said...

Beautiful words!
Gorgeous pics!

Gail said...

@JANE - so nice to see you and I appreciate your kind words

@MADELINE - good to see you :-)

Love to you both

Amanda said...

What a connection - gardens and relationships. You're so very right about both of them, they need time and care and love.

Your plants/garden looks wonderful! We did the same last summer, but chose not to do it again this summer. My father on the other hand has an enormous garden and eats from it regularly!

Beautiful post, Gail!

Sending you a giant hug!

Gail said...

good to see you :-) and glad you enjoyed my post. :-) Your Dad, like mine, loved a big garden.
Love to you

Diana said...

What a beautiful way to describe garden and friendship Gail. All so true!
It's been so dry here, the weeds aren't even growing. Despite watering everyday. I can't remember the last day it rained here.
Your veggies are looking good!
Love Di ♥

Gail said...

HI DI - so glad you liked the analogy :-) We just had a lot of rain - but they say we are still under the amount needed.
Stay cool
Love to you

Just Be Real said...

Hugs to you Gail. Love the greenery of the veggies. Blessings to you dear.

Tracey said...

I truly loved this post, Gail. Your analogies were so on point. I am so glad your gardens are thriving; made me a little sad since I had to let mine go this year due to severe tree roots. I was so happy to have the space, but the ground has become like cement. I saved my green peppers & put them in a pot - don't know how they will do. Keep on growing - its so good for the soul. :-)

Gail said...

thanks SO much - you are so precious to me - all love and hope. I am SO glad we "met"
Love to you always]

Eileen said...

Wow, all so true, Gail.
Beautiful analogy.

I fear that I am so often a very 'bad gardener' NOT tending to relationships in the way they deserve to be tended to. And I often think that not only about my relationship with loved ones, but with The Loved One too, my relationship with God is often put on hold.
Sad to think that I am the reason for the withering and the dying out.

Sometimes it's hard to spread yourself around though, so many people and things needing attention and tending. Poor excuse though.

Thanks for the reminder.
Love and Prayers,

Gail said...

HI EILEEL - I believe we all have left a 'garden/relationship unattended, for many reasons and it is only in hindsight that we wish we had been more attentive. I so understand. Sty cool my friend
Love to you always

Lola said...

I love gardening, it's one of things my mum loves the most by the way.
Andy yes, I'm with Madeleine: beautiful words.

Gail said...

HI LOLA - thanks for stopping by and enjoying my/our gardens

love to you

Just Be Real said...