Thursday, October 14, 2010

Two Out of Three

I love that he sends it to me first.  ME!!  My son Dolan is a published writer, so talented, and of high intelligence, intent, passion and wit.  And he sends his  writings to ME first for MY opinion.which he values.  I love this part of our relationship SO much.  He is an amazing young man, a teacher of High School English as a second language at an International School to a very diverse student population. He is a playwright, and was a member of a comedy troupe for several years that performed at Caroline's Comedy Club in Manhattan.  He is a gentle and kind and very funny young man.  I believe in him and his life's dreams and goals and most of all I love that we are so connected regardless of distance and time allowed we are connected, solid and enjoy our relationship very much.

His recent published story is in a magazine called "The Lifted Brow" and is circulating in book stores in Australia.  He is very excited. 

My middle daughter is doing  well.  So much better since the days of "The Intruder" which, those of you who have been following this blog for a while know how awful that was.  She lives in an adorable farm house just down the road from me - I/we like her boyfriend and her son is doing great.  She is working and living well. She is a big help to me and also to my Mom with rides to dialysis and so forth.  She is SO funny and makes me laugh like no one else can.  :-)

My oldest daughtre Kristie is the lost one - so far from all of us here both in distance and in contact of any kind. It is so heart breaking that she has abandoned her family.  We have yet to meet the new baby Damien and know very little about her life, the baby's father and the people in her life.  Her secrecy is chosen because she is in a deception that runs very deep. I have tried all I know to reach her but to no avail.  I remain open to her - loving her no matter what and leaving the candles lit in all the windows to light her way home.  I miss her so much it hurts beyond words.  :-(

Anyway - two out of three ain't bad. sigh..... 


Lisa said...

Oh Gail,

First I want to say I'm so happy your happy and your children are doing so well.

It does make a momma proud when her babies fly and how a momma worries when they flounder.

How cool is that to have your son published. . .;) WOW!!!!

and your daughter right down the road from you I am sure it must be a blessing to her as well as you.

I am sorry for you and your oldest Kristie. . . It is always good to have arms to run in too when life comes crashing down :( Keep your arms open and the candles burning I am sure she will come around.

Much Love,


Choices said...

Wow! How wonderful that Doylan is a published writer. Congratulations to him and you! Being a published writer is something that I so aspire to! As for your middle daughter, I am glad things are going well for her.
As for your other daughter, A mother's love is unconditional, so keep that candle burning in that window to guide her home. I know she will be back someday.
You have so much to be proud of.
Take care. Smiles.

Gail said...


Yup, published indeed!! :-) And he is published in several on line magazines as well. And yes, the candles glow in the windows always as my love and welcome is forever and unconditional.
Love to you

Gail said...


I am forever and always open, the candles remain lit - unconditional.
SHe is very lost. My other two are on a good path - and I am so grateful.

Love to you

Tramp said...

Fantastic to read about your pride of your children which comes across so clearly. Also it's so clear how you regret the situation with your older daughter but it's obvious that you have done (and are continuing to do) all you can. As Lisa says, "you have your arms open". Any development must come from the other side.
Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

Gail said...


always so good to see you. And thank you for sharing in my joy and heartache over my amazing children.
And you have a wonderful weekend too, Jennifer and I are making a new pasta dish we saw on Rachel Ray - it is a "reuben pasta bake". It will be cold and windy here so a good day for a hot baked meal.

Love to you my friend

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Wow!!! Gail, you must be soo proud!!! Your son sounds like a phenomenal writer...your middle daughter sounds like a love...and yes, 2 out of 3 ain't bad...I bet the third comes round too because I just know you are a great mom...sometimes young people just have to sow their oats, so to speak :-)) Lovely to hear about your family!! Have a wonderful weekend!!! ~Janine XO

Gail said...


yes, my fist born has been 'conflicted' for a long time. She hangs on to us but barely and leaves herself plenty of space to live in secrecy. And also, if I called and said "I need you" she would crawl home to get here.

DOlan is a great young man and Jennifer is my fun side kick and helper. Hope your weekend is lovely and that yo are feeling rested and energized.
Love Gail

Wonderingsoul said...

Oh Gail,
Your greatest pride and joy, and your rawest heartache in one post. I love it that Dolan send things to you first, and it doesn't surprise me one bit. He is just as proud of you, no doubt.
The lost one is an endless ache and I'm so sorry. I hope that one day your love will find its rightful place in her hearrt and she will run to your open arms,

I know I would Gail.


Gail said...

Oh how I so love your kind and wonderful words to me. I sobbed out loud by your expressed wishes for me - and for my daughter that is lost. Oh my, "thank you"

Lovig you always and I would hold you for a long time should you ever find your way to me.
peace and hope.....

Cinner said...

sweet friend, two out of three aint bad. I do hope Kristie will somehow find her way back to you and family, you can just be there for her if that time comes. so glad your other daughter is so close, and your son sounds like he has a very interesting life. hugs to you Gail, glad to be back home now. take care.

Gail said...

so good to see you this crisp Autumn day. Thanks for all your love and support, no matter what. I love you girl. "hey'