Monday, May 10, 2010

This table

If you enlarge the photo you can see my Mom a bit better and some 'detail' of this "table of love". First and most important, Mom - she so enjoyed her Mother's day brunch and being with us, her family. I could see she was tired, and that she pretended to feel good for all of us.

And this table - oh my -it has "served" so many and heard every secret, hope, desire, fear, joy, sorrow held turkeys and omelets and wine glasses and sippy cups, paper plates to fine china - elbows, and bowed heads, praying hands and hands held, problems heard, celebrations shared, voices raised, voices in a whisper, tears shed, laughter roaring, applause and arms crossed, silence, linen table cloths and paper birthday table cloths, flowers and candles, coffee mugs and tea cups, dinner for two, dinner for eight, dinner alone. Oh this table, hand made on an Indian reservation 12 years ago "serves" us so well. And Mother's Day is just one example of this table 'serving' us - flowers from Skipp, lilacs, fresh cut from our garden, scented candles, gift bags for sharing, cards of love, fruit and coffee cake, and a lovely view to the back yard and woods and side yard and woods. Today, this table had a big job, to hold up Mom - as she leaned and gently smiled - ate slowly and savored her surroundings - this table comforted her - gave her strength - welcomed her and was so proud to serve her. Her place at this table is worn in the best of ways, reserved and honored in tradition - her place at this table is sacred.


Eileen said...

Your Mom is beautiful! And this is a beautiful post!
I love the idea of your table having been hand made on an Indian reservation, how special, and how much more special are all the moments and celebrations where family and friends gathered around that table! Thanks for your beautiful reflections and memories, and thanks for sharing your Mother's Day with us!

We were up in your neck of the woods this weekend. We picked Jayden up from school on Friday and drove to Mystic, shopped a little at Olde Mystik Village, and then had dinner before going to the hotel. Saturday was raining in the morning but we took Jayden to the submarine museum and he loved it and then on to the Pequot Village museum, which he loved even more! We left early Sunday morning right after breakfast so Jayden could spend the day with his Mom.
Beautiful country up there! I was thinking of you!
Love to you,

kim said...

That is the sweetest table top tribute I have ever read, your words are lovely, thoughtful and discriptive, so well done!

Happy Mothers Day to you and yours.


Grant said...

The table of love goes really well with the chairs of enlightenment, the table cloth of contentment, and the sippy cup of joy.

Gail said...

Hi Grant-

oh yes, enlightenment, contentment and joy - perfect entree's. Thanks Grant :-)

Love Gail

Gail said...


And thank you for your shared joy about our table. Happy Mother's Day to you too
Love Gail

Gail said...


I am sure your table9s) has quite a story to tell, as well. :-) And wow, you wer about 45 minutes from me. It is really nice at Mystic and submarines and Pequot Village too!!! Wonderful themes for Jayden. And so those chapters you are writing for his story continue to inspire and give life.

Love to you

Grizz………… said...

You have a lovely, wonderful mother…which explains a lot about you, I expect. This was a great post—table, Mom, and all, told straight from the heart.

Anne said...

So lovely. Gail. Your mom looks so happy! The flowers are beautiful!
Take care.

Finding Pam said...

What a lovely way to describe life through the table's point of view.

We are lucky to get anone to the table.

Bernie said...

Now that is a story.....I hope that table is passed on in your family and the stories continue.
I think your mom is beautiful Gail, she keeps herself so nice and looked so happy where she sat.
Glad you had a lovely Mothers Day.
Be well my friend.....;-) Hugs

Unknown said...

A beautiful day I see.
How wonderful.
bless you1

Gail said...


So nice to see you. And yes,, a beautiful day indeed.


I agree - this big ole harvest table should definitely be passed on. And oh yes, Mom is lovely, beautiful skin and bluest eyes - she was quite happy at her "spot" at this table. :-)


So glad you came by. And I coild have gone on and on about this table. I forgot to mention the music and how we sit around while my husband plays guitar and we sing - and he always sys ""you can't leve here until you sing the blues" _ I/we are always SO impressed with the verses folks come up with. :-)


"thank you" for visiting - it was a beautiful day in SO many ways


AHe is a wonderful Mom - I am SO blessed. The day was glorious - the food, the view, the love, my heart was full of all life's best.

Love to you ALL

Cindy said...

GAIL,I loved your post today, lovely picture of your Mom, I can tell how happy you were to have everyone at your table. The gathering place, the memories, oh I loved how you told it. take care. hugs to you.

Gail said...


Oh "thank you" so much - I am so happy to see you, and Cin? there is a place for you at this table any time girl. "hey"

Love to you

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

Lovely mother's day tribute with your table as centrepiece. Your mother is a beautiful lady. I'm sure she appreciated all the efforts on her behalf.

Tramp said...

A great sense of what is important in life...Tramp

Diana said...

Gail your mom is absolutely beautiful and I am so happy that she was able to enjoy this wonderful day. It sounds as though you made it very special as it should be,
You are a very wise woman so I know that you appreciated every second with here.
I hope that it was a special day for you as well my friend!
Love You, Di ♥

Gail said...


Oh my, yes, "thank you" I know you uderstand so ewll how important this day was. I thought of you often with love and hope. You are a gem.

Hi Tramp-

you know what I know :-)


So nice to see you and I appreciate greatly your shred joy.

Love to you all

Wanda..... said...

Your mom looks very pretty and angelic Gail. Dining tables do serve us in many capacities...just like a mother does! Your Mother's Day was special, I can tell!

My table was hand made too and has my grandchildren's names carved into it!

Gail said...


Oh how I love that your grand childrens names are carved in to your dining room table. That is priceless. Hope yor Mother's day was wonderful too.

Love Gail

Shen said...

Don't you just love fresh cut lilacs? I have been bringing them in daily from my garden, as well.

Your mother has a sweet face. I love what you say about the table. I have thought the same thing about our kitchen table. We bought it when we bought this house, almost fifteen years ago. It has been the center of life for our four children as they've grown, to family meals and school projects and serious discussions....

I left an award for you at my blog. Come by and get it when you get a chance.

Lola said...

I LOVE the pic, Gail!
Your mum is beautiful and I like your "special" table.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

This is a lovely post, and your mom is truly beautiful! I love how the table represents so much love and family time! The image you create here is unforgettable...I will be thinking about it all day! Love you, Janine XO

Gail said...


Thank you S much for your loving words and I am thrilled that
this table' was "food" for thought for the day :-)


So nice to see you. ANd I am happy you see and feel the 'loe' :-)

HI SHEN- I will go over to your place. And oh yes, lilacs look and smell so beautiful. :-) And you too, 15 years at 'your table' - tells a story ........

Love you all

Oh my, an award!!

Alexa said...

Hi, Gail ... this is my first visit to your blog and your Mom-post just made me melt. How lovely she looks amongst the flowers :-)

There are "foundational ones" in our lives ... like our mothers, and tables we gather at in council, celebration, conversation ... Yes, they are sacred ... they are holy.

Thank you ... I'll be visiting again :-)


Gail said...

HI JALAYA and welcome. I am so happy ypu came by and that you liked what you found. I look forward to seeing you again.

Love Gail