Tuesday, December 8, 2009

WWll and the Beer Opener

Hi all
trying the other format. Thanks to PENOLAN over at "Menopausal Stoners" - http://menopausalstoners.blogspot.com/2009/12/smoking-weed-therapy-and-blue-sky.html

- who showed me how to go back to "Compose" mode as opposed to Edit Html' mode - My goodness. I just "linked' her site. I Hope. She gave me the "Circle of Friends Award" AND she is my second blog-friend ever!! I also tell her all the time that she is my "CNN-news anchor" - Her perspective, knowledge, opinion, writing skill and real time reporting is amazing.

Okay. Well, I am moving through the heartache for my daughter and grandchildren. Slowly, but moving. I watched Carrie Underwood's Holiday show and she sang a song to her Mom about the man in her life - and the line over and over in the song was - "he treats your little girl the way a real man should...." (something like that), and that is what I hope for - that the man she chooses will treat her (and her kids) the way a real man should. Not some insecure, angry, unresolved, irresponsible, arrogant, disrespectful, excuse for a man. She told me she will be fine and that she is a strong woman and she added that she is strong because of me. That compliment is bittersweet - it stings and soothes at the same time. Ya know? "ack" (a word I learned from Kevin), a fellow blogger - actually my THIRD blog-friend ever!!) - it means something just doesn't feel right so it fits in this situation quite well. "Thanks Kevin" Kevin is also an amazing writer of current events, politics and reporting the news and his own music videos where he sings and plays guitar. Between Kevin and PENolan I don't need to watch the news. Both these blogs are listed on my 'blog-list'.

.......AND I absolutely should acknowledge my FIRST-ever blog friend - He actually shared with me that he had a blog and invited me to visit. I did and decided to create my own blog. He is "FALLEN ANGEL" over at 'The Great Triad'. Also listed on my blog list although he hasn't posted in a while.

I got a great idea from Jackie over at "Teacher's Pet". I shared a story with her about my Dad and how he was taken prisoner the last seven days of WWll and was held captive in a barn in Germany. And so it is true, my Dad was a prisoner in WWll the last seven days of the war. He never understood why the Germans allowed them beer but they did. My Dad would hang the beer opener on a nail outside the barn loft window. And so the war ended and of course, he and his war buddies were released.
Thirty years late my parents went back to Germany. My Dad always wanted to return and so they did. The barn where he was held prisoner was now a restaurant. My Dad went to the window upstairs where he would hang the beer opener, - he reached out and the opener was still there!!!! My Mom gave it to me to keep a few years back and I display it proudly in a glass case - I have it pictured below.

And I have also taken a picture of the American Flag that was draped over his casket and later folded at the grave-side service and handed to my Mom.
I am so honored that I am able to display his American flag and his WWll beer opener in our home. :-)
This song by David Gates of 'Bread' is a tribute to his Dad who died. I always loved this song and I hope you all enjoy it too.

Love Gail

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anupama said...

Dear Gail,
very touching post full of emotions n true experiences!you have more blogger friends,dear!Am I not one?
be at peace.X'mas is fast approaching!so,busy?
you could express well!:)
wishing you wonderful night,

Gail said...

And yes you are one of my blogger friends!! :-)

thank you for your kind words and wishes -

Love Gail

Bernie said...

Sorry about all your daughter and her family have gone through...let's pray it gets better for them now that he is out of the picture...I watched Carrie Underwood's special as well..I really enjoyed it.
Gail, I love the story about your dad....it is very special.
Take care......:-) hugs

Gail said...


My daughter and the kids will pull back together and redefine their life again. ANd they all know we are here for them and they are loved. I have kept candles in our front wndow all year since they left for upstate NY 8 or so years ago - it is a type of gesture that lovingly says - the light of home is here, always sahining to guide your way.

And yes, I too think the story of my Dad's beer opener is quite special. :-) Thanks Bernie for being you and for all your kindness.

Love Gail

Wanda said...

Hi Gail...Hope things continue to be better for your daughter. I was at Jackie's and saw your amazing story of your Dad finding the can opener still there, after all those many years.

Guess what...I have falling snow on my blog too!

Teacher's Pet said...

Gail...I think that is THE most amazing story...and could be a blog of its own...(the one about your Daddy's prisoner confinement and the beer can opener.) To see that it was there after all those years...and that you have it...
That just brings tears to my eyes....he held it....you hold it...and the memories you hold are even dearer. This was a wonderful story...worth telling and re-telling.
Smiles and hugs to you, my friend,

Finding Pam said...

Gail, your Dad's story should be a movie. That is so facinating. I am glad they found the key and that you have it.

I am not sure what has happened with your daughter and children, but I will keep them in my prayers.

Thank you for sharing such a heartfelt and endearing story of your Dad's war years.

Love and peace,

Gail said...


So nice to see you - and "thank you" for your prayers for my daughter. What happened is in the post before this one.

And I so appreciate your kind words about my Dad's "war story" and the beer opener. Amazing huh?? :-)

Love Gail

Gail said...


"Thank you, thank you, thank you..... I feel, so storngly your love of my Dad's war story and the beer opener. It is so precious that I have it here. It is a treasure forever.

Love to you my friend

Gail said...


I love that you have snow on your blog too. :-)
And yes, things are healing for my daughter and her kids.
And the beer opener is an amazing story for sure. :-)

Love to you

cinner said...

Hi Gail, loved your post, my Mom is here for a few more days..i will email you soon as I can. You may want to try livesignature.com. If you have any trouble I will do and send to you. Take care, I see we both got snow now.Love you.

Gail said...


Enjoy your Mom :-)
I will try the signature site. thanks

Love to you

Teresa said...

Ok, how do I get snow on my blog? Not that I don't have enough of it everywhere else... : ) I loved the story about your dad Gail, you could make a wonderful short story out of it...and you should and send it in to a magazine or something. Blessings and ((((HUGS)))) T

Gail said...

Hi Teresa-

Thanks SO much for visiting and for appreciating the story of my Dad. :-)'

About the snow - I followed a link from "Bonnie, The Original Art Studio" she listed on her blog. here is the link


and she gives the instructions on how to add snow.

How are you? Hope all is well this Christmas season and always.

love Gail

Eileen said...

Okay, something must be wrong with either my computer or my eyes, I don't see any snow falling!

So happy to hear that your daughter and grandchildren are on the road to recovery, I will keep them in my prayers.

LOVED the story about your Dad when I read it at Jackie's and love it even more here with the beautiful song to accompany it.

Beautiful post.
Love to you,

Gail said...


Huh, I see the snow on this end. I wonder why it doesn't appear on your end. Huh.

Anywho - ya, things are okay with Kristie and the kids - as much as that is possible given the situation. sigh......thank you for your prayers.

I am glad that you liked the story about my Dad. :-)

Love to you

Andy said...

Just love the story about the bottle opener. As good as any of the 'feel good' films I like to watch on a cold, rainy Sunday afternoon :-D

Gail said...


So nice to see you. And such wonderful words to me. thank you.

Love Gail

Comrade Kevin said...

Fascinating story about your father.

Gail said...

Hi Kevin-

So nice to see you.

Yes, it is an amazing story. :-)

Have a nice weekend

Love Gail

TheChicGeek said...

Hi Gail :)
Beautiful post, as always. I love what you said to Bernie about how you keep the candles in the window to light the way home. Such a beautiful gesture and it is so "YOU." You truly are such a kind and loving person. You have many beautiful traditions in your life. When I read what you write I am reminded how special life is, that it is to be celebrated, each moment, and to never take people for granted. You have a special gift in reminding us all of that. Thank you for being you!
I hope things get better soon for your daughter. I know they will. One great thing about age is we know that all things pass...it is a season and in the big picture everything works out just as it should be and all will be well again :)
Hugs to You, Gail :) You've touched my heart with your story and it is good to be back at your blog :)

Gail said...


I am so humbled that you find such inspiration here by my simple life. I believe it is because I speak/write from my heart and you listen/hear with your heart. :-)

the site to be shown how to get 'snow' on your blog is:


Love you

TheChicGeek said...

Boo! It's me again...LOL

Yes, you have a beautiful heart! I'm honored to know you, Gail :)

I love the "Rainbows" on the sidebar...aren't rainbows just a little piece of magic :)

Muah! :))

Shen said...

Once again, I think that is very cool. Its such a real-life memory... a day in the life kind of thing, and the proof is something you can hold in your hand :-)