Friday, September 25, 2015


Great song!!  And so it seems that we are seeking shelter from the storm. The reality of our housing situation is upon us. We will be moving within the next six months or so at the longest.  We have set sail on the stormy sea keeping our eyes on the horizon as we seek land, calmer shores, shelter.

Out time here has served us well.  Our cozy bungalow has been ever-so-cozy, safe and warm.  We were able to be both family and friend to my sister and enjoy many loving times together.  She was very generous and we all were in this life boat together here on Old Nod Road.  My heart aches for my sister as she prepares to leave her home of 40 years and live all alone for the first time in  her life.

And for us trying to find housing we can afford that is designed for those with a physical disability is a complicated and arduous task.  The wait lists are very long and the applications even longer!!. We have an interview for mutual housing in a lovely area of Guilford on October 1st.  That would be so wonderful and would feel like we were going back home since we lived in Guilford for years.  If we cannot find subsidized housing in Connecticut we cannot afford to live in this state.  Which brings me to the next option

My eldest daughter whom most of you know had been estranged.  Well, not any more - it appears that my keeping the candles lit in every window for 10 years as a symbol of the light to guide her home paid off because she has found her way "home", in terms of heart and care and reconnecting - she still lives upstate NY (on a 110 acre farm w/live stock) but her heart is open to me and she said "I will never let you go Mom, never"  Amen.  And she, of course, wants us to relocate near her - living is very inexpensive where she is. This blessing and miracle of her opening her heart  may be the calm shore - the "shelter in the storm"  maybe..... (Did I mention she is a CNA?)

The thought of packing and moving overwhelms me in ways I cannot even express.  So be it - because the only way to the shelter from the storm is to navigate and survive the storm, right?   We still don't even have a direction though as to where we will live - tough to navigate while spinning!! So for now we are holding on as we spin until we have a direction......and then we can set our sights and sails to get us there-Amen.

How many of you are seeking "Shelter from the storm"


Jackie said...

I have been absent from blogging for a while, my friend. Actually, I am not blogging now...or commenting on blogs....but when I read your blog today referring to this blog, I wanted to come here and read about your candle in the window.
Makes this Mother's heart so happy to hear that your daughter and you have re-united.
Sending love and hugs to you.
I will be back to reading and commenting as soon as I get to feeling better.
Until then....know that I'm thinking of you.
Sending hugs to you,

Gail said...

Hi Jackie - oh yes, the candles hav touched many a mother's and daughter's hearts - and when
we move they will be in place as a loving remi der of the "light of home"
Are you ot feeling well? I will pray for your healing. Hugs to your Mama and Daddy

Love Gail