Thursday, May 8, 2014


Hello to all my blog friends -

I know it has  been a while since I have posted.  I really haven't had all that much to say. But here I am with some updates.

My daughter was married on March 22nd.  It was a lovely, rustic, natural and loving celebration of love and family.My oldest daughter came with her three children.  It was wonderful to "be" together.  She did all the cooking  and serving. Amazing.

Here are some photos:

Another HUGE  event is my "new smile" - pictured below-

I had 24 teeth plus two teeth tips extracted on Friday April 25th so I am two weeks out from the event.  I am not sure how I mustered up the courage to walk in that day and actually sit in the chair but I did it.  Somehow I calmed myself - so much so that the dentist poked me asking if I was "still with him".  ???

It is certain tat the 'some how' I mentioned had real basis.  First I prayed hard and once I sat in the chair I surrendered and I did trust the dentist. A genius.  Add to that was my belief that my Mom had her hand over mine and was comforting me. I felt her there.

The healing and adjusting is on going - learning to talk and chew and so forth - on going! and a series of frustrations and comic relief. I whistle a bit and clack and some times the bottom teeth just lift up.  Good Lord!  I am a ways from eating in public.  :-)

 I know I made a good decision to do this and I was empowered that I could. With Ms - one can lose blood flow to the bone holding teeth in caused by nerve damage,  Subsequently, my teeth loosened and shifted and infection was mounting.  When I was all through the dentist said that I was leaving the office much healthier than when I arrived.  All gum disease leaves with the bad teeth. Who knew?  

So here's to smiles and hope and healing for us all.


Brite Mist said...

always so good to "hear" from you and glad for all the joy in your life - blessings and peace lady

Gail said...

Hi Joey - thank you for sharing in the life-giving events
Love Gail

Muffie said...

I'm sure I would not be that brave! So, I'm trying to really care for my teeth so I won't have to lose them. Love the wedding photos -- your daughter looks so happy.

Gail said...

Hi Muff- so glad you stopped by and shared in some major events in my life. And ya, take care of your teeth because having them all out and adjusting to dentures is quite an adventure.
Love Gail

Margie said...

Congrats on the wedding and new smile.

Beautiful photos, Gail


Gail said...

Thanks for visiting Margie - so glad you shared in these amazing events.
Love Gail

Poetic Soul said...

I hope you'll always be a blogger 'cause you inspire me

Gail said...

Poetic Soul - thank you for your kind and validating words. Means so much.
Love Gail