Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Trail



Our last Thanksgiving here - 2012

Looking back, I become quite overwhelmed - mostly in a good way. I am filled with memories and gratitude of our life here on the Trail for over 20 years......

We knew this was going to be ‘home’ when we first saw it, and so it has been just that, home for us and for many. This home has served us well and owes us nothing.
We weren’t here long when Kristie, pregnant w/her second child came back from upstate NY  to live here with her daughter Leanna when she was just one.  Four kids all in one big room.  We managed.

It wasn’t too long after that, that Skipps’ Mom couldn’t live alone and we moved her in here so she would have round the clock care and eventually went to a nursing home because she  needed skilled nursing care.

Dolan and Jen shared the big room. We divided it by the furniture.  When Jen left home we moved in to the big room and Dolan had the back room - which has the best view in the house.  We built him a sleep loft.

Jen moved back home too with her son when he was 8 months old.  They stayed 2 years. Oh my...... :-)

Skipp’s brother stayed for a week or so while he sorted out his life’s transition.

We celebrated every holiday here and honored family tradition.  We survived storms of nature and those of life.  We loved with passion and compassion. We created a home where we and others could find solace, music, laughter, hope, guidance, food, shelter and warmth.  

We were married here - in our back yard - surrounded by family and friends. A beautiful event that celebrated us and those we love.

SKIPPSTOCK - the music event of the decade! People still believe Mick Jagger was here.

Jacob’s baptism - his life, a miracle.

SO many birthday celebrations, Mother’s Day and Easter dinners, table adorned with flowers and lilacs from our beautiful garden.  We grew vegetables too.

Thousands of songs have been sung on our back deck and glasses of wine enjoyed.  So many cozy fires enjoyed in our wood stove, so many wood deliveries and gatherings to stack it all.

Christmas trees beautifully decorated, white lights strung out front, meals prepared and shared, dreams realized and some lost, births, graduations, deaths, friends anew and friends gone, family missed and far away, millions of laughs and millions of tears - our love grew stronger every day. Candles remained lit in every window to guide the way home for those who lost their way.......

In sickness and in health - a life changing diagnosis, - our love and family support sustain us...still to this day.

Mom would ask, “So, what’s new on the trail?”.......I can hear her words.......pretty soon Mom all that is new on the trail will be a memory as we move on to Old Nod Road - to your home - which is such a gift to us as we begin a new adventure.....”thank you”.......

And although I did not write letters to all of you here today, I will add a line or two.

SIS - for your strength and love and support during this and so many transitions in our life I am so thankful.  And for your sense of hunor - we h ave a gazillion laughs to look forward to. :-)

JOSH - I love your mind and detail about all of your creative projects.  I love how you interact w/kids and your sense of humor is amazing.  I love that I ma your favorite Aunt!.

ETHAN - I admire how you have forged on to meet your dreams and goals and pursue a career path that you believe in.  I love how kind and sensitive you are and you too have a delightful sense of humor.

DOLAN - I so believe in you and your commitment to your writing pursuits, no matter what!  I am so thankful you call me every day and that you include me in your joys and concerns. I am thankful for our relationship, it and you mean the world to me.

SKIPP - where do I begin?  You have made my, - our, life possible.  I love you more than words can express.  I love your musical abilities, your voice, and guitar playing and song writing all bring me such joy.  I love and appreciate deeply how you tend to me and never complain.   I love every moment with you.  “Thank you” for 20+ year of a beautiful, loving life here on the Trail.  It is very hard to leave here, I know, and yet, moving forward with you makes it all okay, YOU make everything okay just by being you. I LOVE YOU......

and there it is - our last loving Thanksgiving on 'The Trail'...........


Muffie said...

Okay, now that you have me in tears, I wish you so much love and luck as you move on the next stage of your life. Just think of it as creating a whole book of new memories!

Gail said...

HI MUFF - and thanks. And yes, a new adventure with many memories to create - love and family - and life.........Amen
Love to you my kindred spirit-

Scott said...

Gail: What a wonderful, thoughtful, moving post. Are you moving? Do you have to move? Where are you moving? (Sorry if I should know this already; I try to "keep up" with you.)

Gail said...

HI SCOTT - please read "Closer To Freedom" about five posts back, k? You will understand all the whys and so forth.
Love to you

Just Be Real said...

Woooo Gail. All the best in your new adventure. Hugs my dear.

Gail said...

Hi Grace - and thanks - a new adventure indeed
Love to you

Just Be Real said...


Jane of The Jewels said...

What a wonderful history on The Trail :) You've lived life to it's fullest, surrounded by friends and family - I can understand that this last Thanksgiving would have been a very bittersweet celebration in many ways.